Living with Anxiety

Anxiety has been a part of my life for many years possibly from the age of 2 when my father fell ill with a brain tumour. The tumour was in operatable back then so he lived the next 9 years having frequent fits due to it. This began my life of anxiety.

When I was a little older I would drive on my father’s lap just in case he had a fit. If he did I was taught to turn the car of and steer it over to the side of the road. He became short tempered and unfortunately turned to alcohol. Years later, well in to my 30s, I discovered that I had Anxiety. Like many sufferers, I didn't realise that I had anxiety because I had been sitting with the unsettling feeling of angst for most of my life.

We all experience anxiety at some stage and more people are experiencing it as our lives become increasingly demanding. Technology doesn't help, keeping us always 'on' checking work e-mails and social media. We simply have lost the capability to switch off. The thing with anxiety (and the heart palpitations that come with it) is that it's always fretting about the future whereas depression is worrying about the past. If you have both then you'll find yourself on a see-saw trying to balance one from the other.

For most sufferers it takes more than a don't stress or turn your frown upside down comment to shake off the shackles of anxiety. Lifestyle changes such as exercise and diet as well as talk therapy can all help release your grip and get on with having a great life.

Anxiety Symptoms:

COGNITIONS; Worry about the future, ones health, or ones relationship.

BEHAVIOURS: Avoidance, Withdrawal, Self-Medication with alcohol or sedatives.

PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS; Fatigue, chest pain, Nausea and joint pain.

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